The Time to Be in Value is Right Now
John Buckingham

"The time to be in value in my humble opinion is right now," says the 40-year market veteran. "Retailers have been an ar…

Duration: 2:20
There is a lot of Opportunity in Technology
John Buckingham

Stocks are still attractive to us in spite of concerns. Our primary focus is looking at undervalued companies. Secondari…

Duration: 2:20
Why Aren't Bonds Very Attractive Right Now?
John Buckingham

The trend so far this year has been money flowing out of equities and into bonds. I just don't think bonds are attractiv…

Duration: 1:22
Trading Outlook for Today: February 17, 2017
Daniel Gramza

Daily Market Studies with Dan Gramza provides insights, considerations, and implications for trading futures and options…

Duration: 2:46
What Two Factors Have Created Recessions?
Greg Capra

What two factors have created recessions? How the co-founder of spots higher highs and higher lows as th…

Duration: 5:00
Thougths from a Long TIme MoneyShow Attendee
Kim Githler

MoneyShow Orlando "is the highlight of my financial season to come and see so many prominent people," says this third ti…

Duration: 3:09
Stock and Mutual Funds to Like
Kelley Wright

Among the stocks and mutuals that he likes: American Express (AXP), Franklin Resources (BEN), T. Rowe Price (TROW), Cumm…

Duration: 2:47
What Can Dividends Show You These Days
Kelley Wright

What can dividends show you these days? "Dividends provide a floor safety underneath the stock. It tells us the company …

Duration: 2:41
A Guide to How the Markets React to President Trump
Kelley Wright

For a guide to how the markets react to President Trump, he suggests looking back. "I think back to 1981 when Ronald Rea…

Duration: 2:36
Bull Markets Don't Die from Old Age
James Stack

"The good news is that bull markets don't die from old age," says the president of InvesTech Research and Stack Financia…

Duration: 3:37