Gordon Pape

Gordon Pape is a well-known, bestselling Canadian author who specializes in personal finance and investing. He is editor and publisher of four newsletters including: The Canada Report, a monthly newsletter for US residents who want to invest in Canadian securities. Mr. Pape's other newsletters include: the Internet Wealth Builder, a weekly e-mail investment advisory; The Income Investor, a twice-monthly report on income securities; and Mutual Fund/ETF Update, a monthly publication for Canadians on mutual fund and ETF investment strategies. His Web sites can be found at www.buildingwealth.ca and www.thecanadareport.com.

Contact Information

Gordon K. Pape
Editor and Publisher, The Canada Report
Gordon Pape Enterprises Ltd.
372 Woodsworth Road
Toronto, Ontario M2L 2T6
Fax: 416/445-4106
E-mail: gpape@rogers.com
Web sites: www.buildingwealth.com and www.thecanadareport.com

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