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Tocqueville: Top Pick for Miners
Alyssa Lappen

Sector funds with a narrow focus that still offers investors a diversified way to gain stakes in particular market se...

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A Duo of IPO-Focused ETFs
Jim Woods

I love capitalism, free minds and free markets; in fact, I'm a proud extremist and an ardent advocate for these princ...

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An ETF for High Yield Corporates
Carla Pasternak

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Going Global
Mark Salzinger

For the longer run, we believe foreign developed markets, especially much of Continental Europe and Japan, face headw...

Uranium: Contrarian Play on a Hated Asset
Peter Krauth

Contrarian investing is the purest expression of the "buy low, sell high" paradigm. It can net those brave enough to...

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Cuba: A Trump Play?
Vivian Lewis

Global expert Vivian Lewis offers a counter-initutative trade on Trump administration policies. Here, the editor of G...

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Vanguard Energy: "A Lot to Like"
Alyssa Lappen

Until OPEC's recent production cuts, investors holding energy stocks were guaranteed to feel a certain amount of pain...

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An ETF for Quality Munis
Todd Shaver

Invesco Municipal Trust (VKQ) is a high quality diversified municipal bond fund that uses active management of a leve...

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Diversify with Mutual Funds and ETFs

Even with the best advice and knowledge, investing is difficult, and successfully researching and selecting stocks is complex and time-consuming.

By choosing a mutual fund, comprised of potentially hundreds — even thousands — of stocks, you turn over the responsibility for maintaining a diversified portfolio to skilled professional managers.

ETFs, or exchange traded funds, are considered by many to be the best new market innovation in years. Like mutual funds, ETFs hold multiple stocks, avoiding the risks associated with an individual company. ETFs have the added advantage of being bought or sold easily throughout the day like any listed stock.

A primary distinction is that most mutual funds are "active" — which means they are managed by investment experts who select the stocks that make up the portfolio. Most ETFs, on the other hand, are "passive" — which means they invest in a specific group of stocks whose performance tries to mirror an underlying benchmark or index.

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