Jim Jubak

Jim Jubak started writing about the financial markets in 1984 at Venture magazine. In 1992, he authored In the Image of the Brain. After the publication, Mr. Jubak worked as senior financial editor at Worth magazine. While working at Worth, he wrote The Worth Guide to Computerized Investing. In May of 1997, he joined MSN Money as senior markets editor and started Jubak's Journal and Jubak's Picks portfolio. In 2008, Mr. Jubak published his third book, The Jubak Picks: 50 Stocks That Will Rebuild Your Wealth and Safeguard Your Future. In 2009, he left MSN Money to start his own Web site, JubakPicks.com and three stock portfolios (the third is a dividend income portfolio). He also serves as senior markets editor for MoneyShow.com.

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