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Top Picks 2017: Prudential Financial

Tickers: PRU

My Top Pick for 2017 for more conservative investors is the second-largest life insurer in the U.S notes income specialist Chloe Lutts Jensen,…


Top Picks 2017: Celgene

Tickers: CELG

My Top Pick among large cap stocks is a firm that should be known to just about every biotech investor; I can think of no other large cap biotech…


Top Picks 2017: CenturyLink

Tickers: CTL

My Top Pick for income investors offers a steady 9% dividend yield plus appreciation potential, suggests Harry Domash, editor of Dividend Detective.…


Top Picks 2017: Emblem Corp.

Tickers: EMC.V

Our Top Pick for speculators is a fully integrated medical marijuana, health care, and cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical company, notes Jimmy Mengel,…


Top Picks 2017: Mairs & Power Growth

Tickers: MPGFX

Stock investors need to be more selective in 2017. The dollar is likely to remain strong against most other currencies and that should harm the…


Top Picks 2017: Pinnacle Bankshares

Tickers: PPBN

Doug Hughes is a specialist in regional banking stocks; the editor of Bank Newsletter focuses on well-positioned small cap banks with strong managements,…


Top Picks 2017: Pretium Resources

Tickers: PVG

Our Top Pick for speculative investors in 2017 is a repeat of our Top Pick from last year -- a gold mining stock that rose more than 63% in 2016,…


Top Picks 2017: Arista Networks

Tickers: ANET

I think growth stocks, which really haven't done too much since mid-2014, could get a spark in 2017 as economic growth accelerates, suggests Mike…