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Brazil: A Leveraged Look

Tickers: BRZU

Our latest recommendation is a triple-leveraged bet on the daily performance of the MSCI Brazil 25/50 Index, explains Nicholas Vardy,…


Two Picks to Play Palladium

Tickers: PPTL, PLG

Palladium is a rare platinum group metal that’s set to do well—but isn’t yet onto many investors’ radars—yet. It should be, as it is…


Quickel's Picks: Four Favorites

Tickers: BIIB, LKQ, AOS, UNP

Our focus now is to target the best growth stocks we can find and carefully begin to reinvest our cash reserves in them in small incremental steps,…


JetBlue: Standout in Strong Group

Tickers: JBLU

Looking for top-ranked stocks from top-ranked industry groups is a strategy with intuitive appeal. It’s also one with a history of working, especially…


2 Solid Picks for a Weak Euro

Tickers: FEZ, FMS, SNY

A weaker euro will create profit opportunities in the coming months and likely stop the recent slide in some Eurozone economies, so MoneyShow’s…