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Cintas: A Boring Buy

Tickers: CTAS

On Wall Street, there is no such thing as a sure thing. However, momentum can keep a stock moving up much longer than anyone might expect, observes…


Every CTA Needs an Edge...

Sherwood Tucker, of Tucker Trading & Consulting, breaks down the intricacies of positive and negative price movement in relation to trading entry…


Gold: Closed-End Favorites

Tickers: GTU, PHYS

Gold has fallen 38% over the last three and a half years; this long downtrend in gold has provided a unique opportunity to invest in gold at a…


Navigant: Navigating Complexity

Tickers: NCI

The latest addition to our Master Buy List is a global firm that specializes in providing consulting services to clients facing transformational…


Blackstone: Invest Like the Super Rich

Tickers: BX

The super rich are able to access an entire world of investments that are simply off limits to the average investor, including private equity and…