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Cypress Semi: Takeover Target?

Tickers: CY

From a valuation standpoint, this new recommendation—a semiconductor marker—is a textbook undervalued company with massive amounts…


Oil Prices Sink As Inventory Builds

Tickers: BHI, AM, AR

Oil prices continue to move lower after breaking through the $50 level earlier this month. This weakness is a result of supply concerns and Michael…


Hecla Mining: A Silver Lining

Tickers: HL

This recent new buy recommendation is a small US based miner; the company was founded in 1891 and is based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, explains Jack…


Tencent: One to Watch in China

Tickers: TCEHY

Our latest featured stock began its run to prominence among Chinese tech stocks with its development of a simple, free and reliable messaging app…


HollyFrontier: Refinery Resurrection?

Tickers: ETP, HFC

Phoenix from the ashes, Lazarus from the dead: pick your cliché, because you could apply either to this pipeline giant, states Steve Mauzy, editor…


Infrastructure: A Bi-Partisan Play

Tickers: IGF

Anyone who drives a car or turns on the tap can see it. The US alone needs to spend $3.32 trillion on infrastructure between now and 2025, notes…


Four "Bull Market" Strategies

Tickers: BX, TWTR, NLY, ADPT

Todd Shaver compiles four specialized model portfolios for his newsletter, the Bull Market Report. Here, he discusses the strategies behind each…


Technology Turns to Dividends


Congratulations to Chuck Carlson; his industry-leading newsletter, DRIP Investor, is celebrating its 25th year of publication. Here, he looks at…


GalxoSmithKline: Cash Cow in Pharma

Tickers: VRTX

Benjamin Shepherd reviews a recommended healthcare firm that has faced slow growth and patent expirations; here, the editor of Global Income Edge…


Skyworks and The Internet of Things

Tickers: SWKS

This featured recommendation exited the market for modem chips in 2010 and quickly became a leader in all aspects of the wireless communications…


WCM: A Focused Global Approach

Tickers: WCMRX

Many European stocks are selling with good margins of safety - they returned less than 3% annually over five years while the S&P 500 is up over…