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Beverage Buys

Tickers: KO, DPS

Some consumer stocks, namely consumer staples, are so-called defensive, less economically sensitive stocks, suggests Genia Turanova, editor of…


Utility Duo: Defense Against Deflation

Tickers: NGG, SO

We have long believed a long-term deflationary trend has been inevitable based on the amounts of debt that is being held by governments around…


Have the Markets Changed?

Markets will advance and markets will decline, the only thing that is an absolute certainty is change, so Frank Kollar, of, highlights…


Small Bank Guru's Best Buys

Tickers: WSBC, FULT

Doug Hughes specializes in small and regional banking stocks. Here, the editor of the Bank Newsletter, explains the important metrics and fundamentals…


Is This It for Dollar Bulls?

Tickers: EUR-USD

Currency expert Ashraf Laidi, of, takes to the charts to see if this is the pause-for-breath that USD bulls have long demanded…


Unstoppable Trends and Hedges

Tickers: AWK, BDX, SH, DRR, YXI

Panic is definitely creeping in and I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel the angst just like you do. You're not alone, counsels Keith Fitz-Gerald,…


Orbital ATK: From NASA to the Navy

Tickers: OA

Our latest featured buy recommendation is a new company created through the combination of Orbital Sciences and the Aerospace and Defense Groups…


Apple: A Peter Lynch Play?

Tickers: AAPL

To select his buy-rated stocks, John Reese analyzes the investment strategies of legendary market experts; here, he looks at a stock that earns…