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Quickel's Picks: Five New Ideas

Tickers: PCLN, JAZZ, TOL, WDC, V

The U.S. economy is still the world's greatest and in its best shape since the 2006-08 Great Recession and Financial Crisis, asserts Stephen Quickel,…


Reaves: Utilities at a Discount

Tickers: UTG

Closed-end funds can trade below their net asset value per share, giving value investors an opportunity to buy a stake in a portfolio at a discount…


Two Picks for Long-Term Value Investors

Tickers: LUV, DHI

The media are calling the election of Donald Trump a new era. How do we invest in this new era? The answer is to invest the same way as we did…


Hawaiian Airlines: "A Perfect Score"

Tickers: HA

Since the election, the markets have been on a one-way express train that's taken them to record highs, explains Keith Fitz-Gerald, editor of High…


A Guide to Event-Driven ETFs


Event-driven investing strategies attempt to profit from market inefficiencies that often occur in conjunction with various corporate events such…


NVIDIA: Value in Virtual Reality

Tickers: NVDA

Our latest recommendation is an emerging tech giant that has been heralded as the global leader in the world of virtual reality, suggests growth…


Leidos: Under-the-Radar Defense Play

Tickers: LDOS

In a new Trump administration is looks like defense stocks will be a pretty safe bet, as our military-industrial complex continues to grow, asserts…


Church & Dwight: Tops among Splits

Tickers: CHD

Each month, Neil Macneale assessing all stocks that have announced upcoming stock splits; from those, he chooses one stock to be included in the…


A Trio of Billionaire Buys

Tickers: MON, UAL, EXPE

We got a glimpse into billionaires' thinking recently when major hedge funds opened up their portfolios to the public by making their quarterly…