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Biopharma Bets


Kevin Kennedy uses a momentum-based technical strategy to uncover strong stocks that have consolidated recent gains; here, the…


Almanac Eyes Natural Gas Pattern

Tickers: FCG, UNG

There is a seasonal tendency for natural gas companies to enjoy gains from the end of February through the beginning of June, explains Christopher…


Church & Dwight: Visionary Value

Tickers: CHD

With high earnings growth, strong margins, solid management, and innovative product development, this latest featured stock—in the consumer…


Option Traders: Beware the Theta Thief

Tyler Craig of explains that time decay, as measured by the option Greek Theta, can rob hard-earned profits…


Bankruptcies Could Boost FTI Consulting

Tickers: FCN

Originally known as Forensic Technologies International, this turnaround idea now has a network of more than 4,300 employees located in 27 countries,…


Trading Head-and-Shoulders Reversals

Learn to spot the telltale signs of reversals on the charts and become better prepared to anticipate and capitalize on the impending movements…


Euro vs US Dollar: Where Are We Going?

For the week ahead, MoneyShow’s Jim Jubak suggests looking at the euro vs. the US dollar and how the smart money seems to be going…


Contrarian Shines a Light on JA Solar

Tickers: JASO

Our latest recommendation focuses on the formerly red-hot solar sector, which has been out of favor for a while, explains Nicholas Vardy,…


5-Star Buy for Short-Term Corporates

S&P Capital IQ continues to anticipate that the Federal Reserve will begin increasing the overnight Fed fund target interest rate in 2015, asserts…