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Bank of America: Banking on Tailwinds

Tickers: BAC

We are increasing our exposure to the financial sector—one of the few areas of the market where I am still seeing some value—explains…


Volatility Index Is Kicking Up

Tickers: VIX

Given the rise of put protection and the increase of short-term fear, Bob Lang, of, thinks it makes sense the market would…


Managing You and Not the Market

It may often be quite difficult to use the word rational to describe the activity of the markets, which is why Jim Farrish, on Jim's Notes, points…


Cuban Connections

Tickers: KOF, IDT

Contrarian investor Nick Hodge, of Like Minded People, sees long-term upside—for those with a three-to-five year time horizon—in developing…


Does Cannabis Kill Cancer Cells?

Tickers: GWPH

The medical benefits of marijuana—such as those reported in the recent findings from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) —can no longer…


Seasonal Expert Eyes the Dog Days

Ouch! Stocks have gotten slammed, pushing the S&P 500 into negative territory for the year—and the Dog Days are not over for the market—cautions…


Energy Transfer: Top Pick for Income

Tickers: ETP

This has been a challenging year for income investors. But even as we endure sharp corrections in some of our favorite sectors, it's important…