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Sirius has Serious Returns

Tickers: SIRI

David Fried focuses exclusively on stocks that are undergoing buyback programs. For his latest recommendations, the editor of the The Buyback Letter…


Top Global Guru's Take on Teva

Speaking 7 languages and constantly traveling the world, Vivian Lewis is a leading expert in international investing; her Global Investing newsletter…


A "Baseball" Portfolio

Tickers: NOBL, DIS, SHW, MCK, BA

Your portfolio should be a lot like a baseball team. I am convinced that you need to try to hit singles and doubles if you really want to have…


Illumina Shines Light on Grail

Tickers: ILMN

In January, a brand new startup announced a $100 million round of financing, and the company’s financers included two of the richest entrepreneurs…


Whistler Blackcomb: Winter and Summer

Tickers: WB.TO

This ongoing recommendation—the largest and most visited mountain resort in North America—had a whopping total return of 46% since…


BYD Company: Electric Vehicle Leader

Tickers: BYDDFF

This month's Alpha Investor Letter recommendation tracks one of the most successful recent investments of Warren Buffett and partner Charlie Munger…


Is it the End of OPEC as We Know it?

Tickers: PXD, CVX, CLR

There have been several major changes in Saudi Arabia over the last month and these changes have distanced the country away from all other OPEC…


Seasonally, it's Time to be Defensive

Tickers: XLV, XLP, XLK

Sector leadership tends to shift significantly as the market moves from the November through April period into the summer months, suggests Jim…


Novartis: Healthy Returns

Tickers: NVS

Our latest featured recommendation is a Swiss-based firm that derives its strength from a diversified operating platform of branded drugs, generics,…


Smooth Sailing for Carnival

Tickers: CCL

Our latest featured recommendation is a cruise vacation company and the largest leisure travel company in the world, notes Crista Huff, editor…