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Church & Dwight: Tops among Splits

Tickers: CHD

Each month, Neil Macneale assessing all stocks that have announced upcoming stock splits; from those, he chooses one stock to be included in the…


A Trio of Billionaire Buys

Tickers: MON, UAL, EXPE

We got a glimpse into billionaires' thinking recently when major hedge funds opened up their portfolios to the public by making their quarterly…


Value Expert Eyes Schwab

Tickers: SCHW

My latest recommendation is an undervalued stock pick in the financial sector that should benefit from our new President, suggests J. Royden Ward,…


Defense Picks for a new Cold War

Tickers: NOC, RTN, OA, GD, LMT

When the Soviet Union came to an end in 1991, so did the Cold War - and the whole world breathed a sigh of relief, recalls Jim Powell, editor of…


Icahn Takes a Ride with Hertz

Tickers: HTZ

Insider sentiment continues to improve, and with remarkable consistency, notes Stephen Biggar of Argus Research; here, the service reviews a car…


Regions: Buyback's Bank Bet

Tickers: RF

We've bought and sold this banking stock in our model portfolio several times this year; it has floated to the top of our list again, suggests…


Leeb's Look at MLPs

Tickers: EPD, MMP

Growth and income expert Stephen Leeb, editor of Leeb Income Performance, sees upside potential and rising yields from two recommended master limited…


Alexco: A Silver Lining?

Tickers: AXU

I believe that, on balance, the Trump administration will be a boon to the economy. But anyone who thinks that it will be accompanied by any semblance…


NV5 Global: Construction Gains

Tickers: NVEE

This recommended stock is a provider of professional and technical engineering and consulting solutions to public and private sectors, observes…