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Trading Strategies for Active Traders

The world of trading can be exciting and undeniably profitable, but it can also lead to significant losses — especially for new and undisciplined traders. That’s why nearly all successful traders have two things in common:

First, they use trading strategies that match their goals and level of acceptable risk. Second, they stick to their trading strategies. They don't toss them aside or make trades based on emotions.

Of course, there are countless trading strategies from which to choose. Some traders stick with stocks or a specific sector, such as energy or biotech. Some like to trade ETFs, commodities or currencies, and some include a variety of instruments in their trading strategies.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are entry strategies ... exit strategies ... hedging strategies to offset risk ... you name it. Figuring out which trading strategy to follow can be a challenge.

That’s why here you'll find articles, videos and news written by some of the most respected names in the industry so you can determine which ones are the best trading strategies for you.

The Best Trading Strategies from the World’s Leading Experts

Each day at MoneyShow.com, we bring you articles and insights from the world’s leading financial experts — individuals with countless hours spent trading the markets and successful track records to match.

These experts don’t just tell you what to trade. They break down their trading strategies and explain the reasons behind their recommendations so you can adopt or adapt them to fit your own goals and needs.

Because, for active traders, what it’s all about isn't capturing a winning trade. Pretty much anyone can do that now and then — especially when following expert recommendations. It’s about understanding the setups and technical analysis that led up to it. It's about learning how to identify and execute successful trades so you can develop and refine your own successful trading strategies.

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Here you’ll find articles from over 1,500 of the most respected and trusted names in the business, along with e-newsletters and exclusive videos filled with timely news, actionable information, and highlights from our legendary MoneyShow and Traders Expo conferences and workshops. This site helps you learn how to make successful decisions and determine the best trading strategies for you.

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