• Jim Jubak

Emerging Markets: Profits from the next BRICs

Sure the economies of China, India, and Brazil are growing--and will continue to grow--faster than the world's developed economies. But the fastest growth and the biggest potential profits are likely to come from a new set of emerging emerging markets. Stocks in countries such as Colombia, Turkey, Indonesia, and Nigeria (yes, Nigeria) are getting a dual boost from higher economic growth and the arrival (finally) of better fiscal policies that are earning these countries high credit ratings. Join Jim Jubak, for almost 16 years the author of "Jubak's Picks" on MSN Money and Moneyshow.com (and on his own Web site JubakPicks.com) for a hands-on tour of these new markets. As portfolio manager of mutual fund Jubak Global Equity (JUBAX), he trades in all these markets and can tell you first hand of their pitfalls--and opportunities. This Webinar will include a run down of the five emerging markets you should target, practical advice on how to invest in what are, after all, not the world's most transparent market, and a list of ten stocks and ETFs that you can use to build your portfolio's exposure to these next generation superstars.