• Roger Conrad
  • Elliott Gue

Profiting from the US Energy and Manufacturing Renaissance

Nearly five years ago, the US overtook Russia to become the world's largest producer of natural gas. And US oil production has surged to 8 million bbl/day up from just over 5 million bbl/day in 2008 putting the US on pace to become the world's largest oil producer by 2015. Growing production from oil and natural gas shale fields has sparked a North American energy Renaissance that's ending dependence on expensive Middle Eastern imports, enhancing our nation's energy security and dramatically cutting America's trade deficit.

Even better, America's vast, cheap reserves of energy are boosting the nation's manufacturing competitiveness. It's now more than 16% cheaper to produce textiles in North Carolina than China or India and the US Gulf Coast is the world's cost leader in petrochemicals and plastics.

In this session, we'll examine the companies best-positioned to benefit from these powerful trends including high-yield master limited partnerships (MLPs) that are facilitating the transport and storage of America's fast-growing energy supplies, producers with access to the cheapest and most attractive reserves, royalty trusts offering double-digit yields, and a number of energy-consuming industries benefiting from North America's energy bounty.