The Best from the Boardwalk

08/20/2004 12:00 am EST


Welcome to our special Highlights report from The Atlantic City Money Show . The election, oil prices, and geopolitical threats gave our leading financial experts much to discuss. Here's an overview of the conference. (To view part 2, please click here.)

In this issue, we offer a wide range of exciting investment commentary, from the emerging nanotechnology sector to cash-cow investments for a defensive portfolio. Steve Forbes offers his insights into the value of technology, capitalism, politics, taxes, and the importance of freedom to our financial system. We look at the favorite stock picks from such investment luminaries as Louis Navellier, Elizabeth Bramwell, Joe Battipaglia, and Jim Oberweis. Marilyn Cohen offers her top defensive bond market strategies, while Ed Finn also looks at ways for investors to protect their portfolios. And don't miss our final item in this issue from Ralph Bloch. His Opening Ceremony speech kept attendees talking throughout the conference.

In next week's issue-part 2 of the highlights report-we will feature an overview of Value Line's top performing ranking system from Sam Eisenstadt. Meanwhile, Value Line's Jack Dempsey will highlight the Value Line system's highest rated technology stocks. The popular host of CNBC's Kudlow and Cramer, Lawrence Kudlow will look at the state of the economy and the outlook for the market. Rosanne Pane from Standard & Poor's discusses the firm's favorite mutual funds, while John Buckingham, editor of the best-performing newsletter over the past 20 years-The Prudent Speculator- discusses his four pillars of investing, and some favorite current buys.

Nikhil Hutheesing, editor of the exciting Forbes Wireless Stock Watch outlines the best opportunities in the wireless sector, while Toby Smith discusses the biggest investment waves in digital entertainment. Mike Murphy sees a wide range of buying opportunities in technology, while Elliot Gue looks at the energy and commodity boom sparked by Asian economic growth. Mark Skousen looks at the best income plays for a defensive portfolio, and John Dessauer looks at his favorite contrary plays in finance, healthcare, and telecom. Frank Cappiello shares his investment insights and top current investment ideas. We will offer feature an overview of the political commentary shared by the financial advisors during the conference, and a discussion of the potential impact of the election on your investments.

We hope you enjoy this special two-part highlights report from the Atlantic City Money Show! And don't forget, it's time to start planning for next month's Money Show in San Francisco- my personal pick for the best Money Show of the year. For more information or to register, simply click on the link in the left hand column. I hope to see you there!

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