A Wish List for the New President

01/19/2009 9:49 am EST


Terry Savage

Author, The Savage Truth on Money

Greetings, Mr. President. The American people have a lot riding on your success, and we wish you well. Sure, there will be debate about your plans to fix the economy, but we are united in hoping you succeed.

It would be presumptuous to give you advice—especially since you’ve chosen an outstanding group of economic experts to advise you.   But would you be willing to look at a “wish-list” from the American public? 

Just to put it down on paper makes me feel like a child writing to Santa Claus. We hope we get a few of our wishes—but we’re old enough to know the Truth about Santa, and the economy.

I’m making a list, anyway—and inviting readers to add their suggestions:

  • Please don’t get into big political fights, especially with your own party, or the other guys, too. We can’t be the only kids wishing their parents would stop fighting and start acting like grownups should.
  • Please figure out how to really help people with their mortgages. Don’t just give us another toll-free number to call.  We’ve tried and simply can’t get through. And don’t work through those government agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, that are still headed by people worried about their own jobs and bonuses. 
  • Please remind Congress that it’s OUR money they’re handing out. We have children, and they’ll have children. How can they possibly repay what we’re spending?
  • Please remember that America was built by entrepreneurs who believe in the free enterprise system. We don’t work to pay taxes. We’re really working for our take-home pay, and there’s too little of that left after taxes already.
  • Please fix health care. We simply don’t know who is to blame for this mess.  Yes, it would be great to get everything computerized. But it would be better to figure out how to give everyone basic health care, without having the government run the system. (If the government couldn’t handle TARP, please don’t mess with our doctors!)

Well, that’s my short wish-list. But I’m sure other Americans have more things to add. We’re celebrating with you this week. And we’re pretty sure you can’t do everything on our list. But here’s what we’re hoping for, what matters to us!

What matters most to you? Please join the discussion and add your own wish you hope President Obama will consider.

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