Highlights of The Financial Advisor Symposium Chicago

10/07/2007 12:00 am EST


Advisors had a chance to meet the ‘who’s who’ of the advisory community as they wandered the expansive exhibit hall, and they found a remarkable range of topics addressing their clients’ most pressing needs, in the workshops and panel discussions. 

The keynote speakers keenly anticipated the interests of the attendees. Dr. Robert Froelich discussed how changing demographics were creating vast opportunities for advisors, and Mark Hurley and Mark Goldberg covered the ins and outs of preparing your practice for a future buyout.

In a special address, Robert Arnott took attendees through his latest research, highlighted by a comprehensive study of his proprietary Fundamental Index™.

Roger Gibson and Harold Evensky revived the art versus science debate on asset allocation and answered the question constantly being presented in the industry – Is asset allocation still important?

Advisors looking for a new and growing source of business found the Financial Planning for the Middle Class Client panel chock-full of actionable advice by experts, including Ben Franklin, Michael Zmistowski, Jim Farrish and Steven Rogé.

Notching the client base up further, attendees who focus their practices on marketing to the affluent, found helpful strategies in Steve Gresham’s workshop.

Advisors seeking alternative methods of client cash flow found additional insight in several events. Linda Killian’s workshop discussed initial public offerings. Louis Stanasolovich, Kurt Gillhaus and Jeffrey Wyatt covered Life Settlementsin their panel discussion. And Deena Katz also hit upon this theme in her workshop on reinventing retirement.

Morningstar hosted a panel of All-Star Investors, featuring Elizabeth Bramwell, John Rogers, Jr. and David Winters, who shared their current favorite investment picks.

In exclusive interviews, David Winters encouraged investors to keep a nice supply of cash on hand for bargain hunting, while Christine Benz explained the intricacies of Morningstar’s Stewardship rating of mutual funds.

Capping off a successful conference, attendees had the opportunity to hear Charlie Cook’s take on the political scene and the possible outcome for the 2008 elections.

Our intent here is to give you just a small sampling of the wide variety of education, investing ideas and market forecasts that attendees found at the Chicago Financial Advisor Symposium Money Show. We hope you enjoy (and prosper) from these recommendations, and look forward to seeing you in person at one of our upcoming events.

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