Advisor for Life

10/07/2007 12:00 am EST


Steve Gresham

Author, The Gen-X Advisor

Gresham’s book covers building a practice to service affluent clients and their families—for life.

The book includes the normal chapters on investment advice, inflation, taxes, risks, and diversification, as well as specific planning for lifestyle changes, such as health care. And Gresham devotes quite a bit of space to developing a compelling investment philosophy and defining the actual investment process.

The book extensively discusses the specific challenges of the affluent, including managing dreams and fears, growing and passing on wealth and keeping the money in the family.

Gresham notes that it’s imperative to create value in the eyes of your clients, and that requires quantifying your unique value, expertise and experience and ensuring quality, reliability, and consistency.

In the last portion of his book, he discusses how to drive referrals, develop a niche for your practice and how to analyze and optimize the value of your practice.

If you are interested in carving a niche to serve the affluent, this book may bring you some ideas you have not yet considered.

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