Interview with Jim Farrish,

04/17/2008 12:00 am EST


Jim Farrish

Founder and CIO, Jim's Notes

ETF expert Farrish is optimistic for a better market toward the end of 2008, but still is concerned about the outlook for higher investment taxes. View the complete interview Mixed Economic Data.

As for his favorite sectors, Farrish told our interviewer that he still favors commodities, particularly metals, in the short-term. For the long run, he sees great potential in semiconductors, biotech, and utilities. Additionally, Farrish is a fan of small, regional banks that don’t have a lot of exposure to the subprime problems, good earnings, and acquisition potential. View the complete interview Sectors to Watch Now.

When asked about the decoupling international debate, Farrish commented that he doesn’t believe that sections of the globe are decoupled from America’s problems. However, he does see exciting developments in India, for the long-term, but would be more cautious on China’s future. View the complete interview Global Correlation.

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