Highlights of The Forex Trading Expo Las Vegas

09/16/2007 12:00 am EST


Attendees wandered the exhibit hall, meeting and greeting more than 60 of their favorite trading strategists, while sampling the latest software programs and discovering the newest sources for learning more about trading.

They attended more than 75 workshops, panel discussions and trading intensives, where they found scores of new trading ideas and strategies.

Whether attendees were beginner or experienced swing traders, day traders, one-pair traders or traders with multiple pair strategies - the expo had something to interest traders of every ilk.

Andrew Busch led off with examples of global events that provided myriad opportunities for traders who need only to pay attention to the world around them.

Beginning traders found plenty of pearls of wisdom, as well as recommendations for learning resources - in the 'Beginners Start Here' panel with Chris McMahon, Brian Dolan, Joe Trevisani, Marilyn McDonald, and Ashraf Laidi.
Traders seeking specific trading advice using complex tools such as Elliott Wave and Fibonacci found exactly what they were looking for at workshops offered by John Person and Todd Gordon, and in the Advanced Trading Strategies panel with Tim Bourquin, Dave Floyd and Todd Gordon.

The psychological side of the equation was addressed in many sessions, including Rob Booker's. And in his workshop, Ed Ponsi told traders how to set specific entry and exit points as well as tips for working with volatility stops.

Traders ready to step up the pace, roll up their sleeves and get down into the trenches found that Wayne McDonnell's 4-hour FX Bootcamp intensive, fit the bill. Not for the uninitiated or casual trader, this session discussed fractal geometry, chaos theory, and even quantum physics.

Attendees found plenty of new strategies and tools to help improve their trading results and seemed to have a lot of fun trying to 'out-trade' their fellow traders as they huddled in the various sessions and exhibit hall.  All in all, a very worthy three day event!

Our intent here is to give you just a small sampling of the wide variety of education, investing ideas, and market forecasts that attendees found at the Las Vegas Forex Trading Expo. We hope you enjoy (and prosper) from these recommendations, and look forward to seeing you in person at one of our upcoming events.

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