Highlights of The Las Vegas Money Show

05/08/2008 12:00 am EST


Nancy Zambell

Editor, Wall Street's Best Investments and Wall Street's Best Dividend Stocks

The Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino hosted the recent Las Vegas Money Show, where more than 12,000 investors came to meet and greet and to participate in over 300 workshops and panel discussions led by the country's leading investment experts.

The exhibit hall, with more than 200 booths, attracted attendees seeking demonstrations of the latest investing and trading tools, and also gave them an opportunity to meet, face-to-face with their favorite financial advisors.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich opened the conference, leading a roster of distinguished keynote speakers, such as Bernie Schaeffer, Mark Skousen, Harry Dent, Ned Davis, and Robert McTeer. He shared his forecasts and expectations for the upcoming election, and for the future of the economy and markets.

Six of our top video Webcasts are already ready to view in our Best of Show section, where you will also find panels of experts debating the most timely investing topics-including ETFs, options, outlook for the markets, and specific stock recommendations.

The broadcasters in our MoneyShow.com studio hosted nearly 100 guests whose videotaped discussions will shortly be featured on our Web site. Here, in Best of Show, we have posted ten of those features-brief interviews chock-full of exciting investment recommendations as well as provocative market and economic predictions.

And lastly, we offer a selection of some of our top advisors' favorite current stock picks.

We hope you enjoy this taste of our Las Vegas Money Show, and look forward to seeing you in person at one of our shows soon.

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