The BriefingTrader® Advantage: Profiting Intraday from Market Events and Technical Set-Ups

11/16/2007 12:00 am EST


Damon described the mission of provide traders with a combination of both technical and fundamental analysis for earnings, initial public offerings, and special situations.

The company's 24 analysts focus on finding stocks before they get on everyone else's radar-including the investments sought after by successful hedge fund managers. They often find these companies by listening in on conference calls and communicating with various funds. Some examples of their winners include CROCS (CROX) and Jones Soda (JSDA).

Damon shared additional tips for finding successful stocks, including taking advantage of the growth of blue-chip companies by searching for companies in ancillary businesses, such as firms that make the components for the mega-companies that Wall Street typically follows. In that arena, some of their winners include Kreisler Manufacturing (KRSL), SIFCO Industries (SIF), and Universal Stainless & Alloy Products (USAP).

Other ideas include scanning press releases for bulletin board stocks that have the metrics to qualify for listing on the NASDAQ or AMEX. Companies that are a month or two away from listing on a big exchange-like some of the recent listings of Chinese-based firms-often make good investment candidates.

Like all good traders, the company's analysts focus on volatility, which brings with it events that can make money. issues comments and reports-brief, as well as comprehensive ones-that analyze these events. They are specific to various trading styles and contain recommendations, risk levels, and advice on how to take profits.

Subscribers to their site can set alerts to receive these reports as well as other news, such as economic events, that may have a bearing on their investments.

Attendees came away with a good idea of exactly what provides, as well as several excellent suggestions for finding unique trading and investing recommendations.

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