Highlights of The World Money Show London

11/30/2007 12:00 am EST


Nancy Zambell

Editor, Wall Street's Best Investments and Wall Street's Best Dividend Stocks

Bill Bonner ushered in this year's show with his prognostications for the global economy and markets, warning investors of the repercussions from the subprime mortgage crisis that is spreading its tentacles beyond the US.

Whether leaning bullish or bearish, investors found a wide variety of workshops to choose from, featuring diverse topics such as forex, real estate investment trusts, investment software, profitable trading techniques, preserving wealth, and picking stocks and mutual funds.

Investors flocked to the panel on investment strategies, moderated by Louisa Bojesen, host of CNBC's Power Lunch Europe.

Interviewers from MoneyShow.com welcomed the opportunity to talk with a number of notables from the global investment community. Here are just a few samples:
David Stevenson, The Adventurous Investment columnist from the Financial Times, discussed the struggle to find uncorrelated assets in which to invest, his bearish view on China, and his pro-US real estate leanings.

Deepak Lalwani, Astaire and Partners Ltd. - although noting the country's rich valuations in the markets as well as some ongoing risks - made hiscase for continued investments in India, especially in the infrastructure arena.

Justin Urquhart Stewart, Co-Founder Seven Investment Management is making preparations for a possible rebound in the US dollar, sees continued potential in gold and fabulous opportunities in Asia.

Investors and traders found that the panel discussions at the show covered a vast range of just about any investment topic they wanted to learn more about.

How Asset Allocation Can Help You Achieve your Investing Goals featured experts who discussed the benefits of asset allocation, including diversification and achieving a higher return with lower risk. They also explained how to use traditional, as well as alternative, investments to attain your portfolio goals. Additionally, they described their various portfolio strategies, including market timing and individual stock research.

The panel, The Hottest Markets & Sectors to Invest in Now, helped investors broaden their reach, featuring definitive 'how-to' strategies for investing in alternative assets and strategies, including emerging markets, collectibles, commodities, and combining ETFs with active stock selection to get the best of each arena.

US experts at the Down but not Out - Bargain Hunting in the US panel acknowledged the worsening subprime crisis and a not-yet robust economy, but told investors that US markets remain very attractive. They cited America's place as the world's leading economic and military power, home to the largest economy and stock market in the world, and the foremost source of cutting edge research and manufacturing. Additionally, the panelists gave attendees a taste of their favorite sectors in which to invest.

Attendees of the High Yield without High Risk for Income Investors found some very different recommendations for fixed income investments. The speakers covered the gamut, including 'safe', conservative vehicles like Gilt bonds, highly-distressed, high-yield structured investments, preferred shares, and permanent interest bearing shares (PIBs).

Those seeking a little more action in their portfolios learned the steps needed to dip their toes into the futures markets, from industry veterans, in the Learn to Trade Futures from the Pros panel. There, they heard that futures expertise is built over-time, and requires much discipline and education. But the panelists also extolled the benefits of trading futures, including simplicity, availability of many markets, and the use of leverage to increase your returns.

In the India: Profiting from Asia's New Investment Tiger panel, Asian pros confirmed that they were still bullish on the Indian markets and economy, noting the continued high level of economic growth in the country, its large English-speaking population, rising savings and investment rates, and growing middle class. However, the speakers also warned of risks that could catch unwary investors by surprise, including increasing inflation, the high level of illiteracy, rigid labor laws, high poverty rate, and significant infrastructure challenges. Additionally, the panelists gave attendees some sector and asset class investing ideas to broaden their exposure to this growing area.

In other highlights of the show, investment club members traveled from all corners of the United Kingdom to participate in the investment club day hosted by the ProShares Investment Club.

And lastly, the exhibit hall featured live trading demonstrations and stage presentations, the Global Investor Bookshop, as well as representatives from a myriad of companies and organizations, including the Australian Financial Review, the Moscow Times, Goldfields, NAREIT, Saxo Bank, Harmony Gold, Online Trading Academy, and VectorVest.

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