Doing Due Diligence on Your Forex Broker - Part One

01/05/2009 11:16 am EST

Focus: FOREX

John Jagerson

Co-Founder and Contributor,

Recently, there have been changes made to the regulatory and capitalization requirements needed to be a forex dealer. The intent of these new regulations is to help reduce the prevalence of poorly run, over-the-counter forex dealers often called "bucket shops.” Currently the net capitalization requirements have been increased to $5,000,000 minimum and many traders have been reevaluating their dealer based on those new requirements.

Capitalization is only one of many ways that a forex dealer can be evaluated. Performing "due diligence" on a broker or dealer is important because the failure of one of these firms can be catastrophic to a trader's account. The mere mention of the firm Refco is enough to send shudders down the spine of most traders. What else can be done to increase your confidence about a particular broker or dealer?

This is the first part of a live webinar I gave today on the process of doing due diligence on a forex dealer, although the same process could be applied to stock and option brokers as well. Besides capitalization, I will cover how to research a firm for complaints and compliance issues. I will also show you how to find information about the individuals that you speak with from your broker as well as other service providers such as IBs or system sellers.  

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