There's ‘Black Gold' in Pipeline Stocks


Louis Navellier Image Louis Navellier Editor, Blue Chip Growth and Emerging Growth

The US is becoming energy independent, says Louis Navellier, and that is creating tremendous opportunities in pipeline investments.

Nancy Zambell: My guest today is Louis Navellier, editor of Blue Chip Growth as well as several other important newsletter publications. Louis, thanks for joining me.

I wanted to talk to you about the market. We had a great January. February stumbled a bit. Do you think we're going forward? Are we going to keep going above 14,000 or fall for a while?

Louis Navellier: I definitely think we're going to break through 14,000. It's just that in January, we had such a strong flow of funds. For lack of a better word, the market kind of melted up.

Historically, the flow of funds starts to ebb a bit in February. So, it's just time for the market to burp-consolidate a bit. I don't see any serious correction. If anything, it'll be more of a rotational correction from one industry group to another.

After this February pause, we should be going higher in March and April, which are seasonally strong months. There is a lot of pension funding in March and April. This is a pause before the next surge.

Nancy Zambell: That sounds very good. Now, in terms of economics-everyday we're still hearing mixed economic news, but mostly on the upside-a better housing market, better unemployment, but consumer spending has sort of paused. It had been doing very well, and then we saw a pullback. What is your viewpoint on that?

Louis Navellier: That's an outstanding point.

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