Mid-year Top Performer: Stephen Leeb


Stephen Leeb Image Stephen Leeb Founder and Research Chairman, Leeb Group

At the start of the year, MoneyShow featured its annual Top Picks report asking the leading advisors for their favorite investment ideas for 2016. In the report 85 stocks and funds were recommended. This interview is part of our series highlighting the top performing advisors as of mid-year.

Steve Halpern:  Today, I'm thrilled to be talking with our special guest, growth stock expert Stephen Leeb, editor of The Complete Investor.  How are you doing today, Stephen?

Stephen Leeb:  I'm doing fine, Steve.  Thank you very much.

Steve Halpern:  In our 2016 Annual Top Picks report, you chose Pretium Resources (PVG) as your favorite stock.  Now, this stock is up an astounding 136%, which makes it the number one performing stock out of the 85 in our annual report.  Could you give our listeners an overview of the company, and remind people what its basic operations are?

Stephen Leeb:  Well, it is a junior gold mine, which is to say that it has a deposit, several deposits, and they're in the process of developing those deposits.  

They have not started producing gold, but the deposits are extremely well-defines, and in a market that favors gold, junior golds typically outperform, because there's a lot more leverage there.  

You're starting from zero and you can go way, way, way up, and it's essentially run by someone I've had the pleasure of meeting, Robert Quartermain.  

He has a tremendous reputation within the gold mining industry, and actually, I spent about an hour with Mr.