The Next Big Cannabis IPO


The Canadian cannabis industry continues to be a top place to invest as medical cannabis is legal at the Federal level and here, you will hear from John Stewart of Emblem Corp and learn about a federally licensed producer of medical cannabis that is going public in November.

Michael Berger:  Joining us today is John Stewart, the President of Emblem Pharmaceuticals.  How are you doing today, John?

John Stewart:  I’m doing well, thanks for asking, Michael, and, more importantly, thank you for the invitation to participate in your show. 

Michael Berger: We’re very happy to have you on.  Today, we’re going to focus on Emblem Corp, a licensed medical cannabis producer in Canada.  John, can you tell us a little bit about Emblem, its three divisions, as well as some of the goals you have for Emblem Pharmaceuticals? 

John Stewart:  Sure, Michael.  Emblem is one of the 30 licensed producers in Canada that are licensed by Health Canada to be able to cultivate various strains of cannabis and sell those strains to patients in Canada in the dosage forms that are currently allowed by Health Canada.  Emblem Corp. is organized, as you ask, in three distinct divisions. 

The first division is our Cultivation Division and that’s headed by Max Zavet and our chief horticulturist Stephen Dinka.  Steve has more than 10-years of experience in the Canadian medical marijuana industry and was the original lead grower for a company called Prairie Plant Systems, which was the first producer licensed by Health Canada to supply the Canadian market. 

The goal of the Cultivation Division is to produce the highest quality and consistent strains of cannabis and those strains are the ones that we and others who have conducted research in this area believe are the most important for specific outcomes or specific indications if we were to use a pharmaceutical term. 

The second division is the GrowWise Health Division.  This is our patient and medical education division.  Because of the way the medical marijuana regulations are set up in Canada, there’s not involvement of pharmacy per se so there’s certainly a gap in ability to give patients independent information on the appropriate strains and appropriate dosing so we have a division mostly staffed with registered nurses who interact with the patients on helping them navigate the process of making the most appropriate strain selection, and initiating dosing and doing close follow-up as patients are moving into medical marijuana therapy. 

Then, lastly is the Pharmaceutical Division and that’s the one that I head and, briefly, the goal of our division is to extract the cannabinoids from the various strains that we are cultivating and extract them in a way that consistently and very closely parallels the cannabinoid profile in the original plant.