The Symmetry of the Markets—Beautiful By Any Name (Part 5)

02/01/2008 12:00 am EST


Timothy Morge


To wrap up this week's series, I'll return to the original question: Do these ratios work or have they become self-fulfilling prophecies because so many traders watch them? To me, it doesn't matter. If I can profit from knowing where these ratios are, they are important tools for me to have in my trading bag. Anything that helps me profit in the markets is important.

I believe in knowing as much as possible about any tool I am considering using in my trading. It may not improve my profitability to know that Fibonacci was not the originator of these ratios or even of the number series named after him. However, a thorough knowledge of any tool is essential, and a thorough history of the tool often gives me insight into how other professionals, often in unrelated fields, developed and used these tools, and that may help me find a new way to use a particular tool.

My motto has always been:  "Master Your Tools, Master Your Self."

I wish you good trading!

By Timothy Morge email

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