Trading with Market Internal Indicators

06/01/2012 8:00 am EST


Greg Capra


An all-new Webinar presented by veteran trader Greg Capra teaches viewers proven tips and tricks for using market internals to find profitable trades each day.

Greg Capra of recently taught a two-hour class for readers about how he monitors market internal indicators to find money-making trades.

Discover how Greg Capra's professional, top-down trading strategies use market internals to measure the market's strength—or the lack thereof—for swing and intraday trading. Once the market is evaluated using concise Pristine trading methods, he will uncover which sectors money is flowing into or out of.

Greg will reveal how to use this knowledge to draw consistent profits from the broader markets through futures and ETFs. Greg will then move down to individual stocks and find those that are showing the best relative strength or weakness to take advantage of high-probability long or short opportunities.

Whether you are a swing trader or intraday trader, you will come away from this session with the knowledge to build a successful trading plan that you can use to profit starting the very the next day.

Watch the video below and learn:

  • How to turn market strength and weakness into winning trades
  • How to correctly use market internals to minimize risk
  • Keys to uncovering money flow in sectors so you can be on the "correct" side of the trade
  • How to apply Greg's easy-to-understand trading methods to futures and ETFs
  • How to identify and trade stocks with the best relative strength and weakness
  • Proven techniques for executing intraday and swing trades

Watch the complete Webinar recording here:

Hosted by Tim Bourquin, trading content director,

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