How to Exit Winning Trades - Part 3


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It’s a smart idea to test out various exit signals to start scaling out of open winning swing trades at the first sign of trouble, says veteran trader Ken Calhoun of and

In this final article in this three-article series (read part 1 and part 2), we’ll look at how to use candlestick chart patterns along with classic Western technical exit signals to decide when to start exiting winning trades. Candlestick charts were first revealed to the Western world by expert Steve Nison, the world’s foremost authority on the subject. Learning how to exit successful trades with the help of candlestick charts can be particularly effective when combined with classic support/resistance exhaustion signals, to lock in potential gains. This article will cover both swing and day trading candlestick reversal examples.

Using Shooting Stars to Exit Open Swing Trading Long Trades
A shooting star is simply a candlestick that occurs after an uptrend that has an upper shadow of at least twice the real body height, and signals a possible reversal. It looks like a box with a large stick on top of it, visually. Selling right under a loss of this candle is a good idea for exiting any open longs, particularly for short-term trading.

In Figure 1, Zimmer Holdings Inc. (ZMH), we see that a 15-minute shooting star on this 15-day chart indicates initial weakness following its breakout.

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