The Importance of Not Giving Up On Your Trading

01/08/2015 6:00 am EST


Alex Wasilewski

Co-Founder and Head Trader,

Alex Wasilewski, of, shares a video in which he highlights the trading mentality of positivity and he explains why it's important for traders to not give up just after experiencing a few losing trades.

What would you tell a son or daughter, a relative, a child of a friend, who started High School or College and got a few bad marks after the first few months? After saving all that money for tuition what would you tell a student contemplating dropping out?

Human beings, not just traders, are wired for success.  That is why it is crucial to always remember that setbacks prepare traders for victory.

Each and every brand new year will bring forth a whole new batch of trading opportunities, but the key thing to remember is to persist and not develop a defeatist attitude—or worse yet, give up—simply after experiencing a few loses.

*Please note that this video was previously recorded and price levels referenced in the clip are for demonstration purposes only.

By Alex Wasilewski of

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