Maintain a Disciplined Confident Mind Under Pressure

04/27/2015 6:00 am EST


Rande Howell

Founder and Owner, Trader's State of Mind

Rande Howell of outlines what it takes to build a successful mind for trading. Knowledge is not enough, it is just the beginning. In this video, Rande shows how emotional intelligence and focused control can mean the difference between trading knowledge and trading success. 

Knowledge is the beginning of trading but emotional intelligence can be the gap between the knowledgeable trader and the highly successful trader. This video is about learning how to give up on trying to control what can’t be controlled in trading, such as the outcome and the end result and striving to only trying to gain control over the trader’s confident mind, which is imperative to handling the stress and pressure that comes with trading.

By Rande Howell of

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