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03/15/2007 12:00 am EST


Howard Gold

Founder & President, GoldenEgg Investing

The markets continue to be rocky. On Tuesday the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 242 points to close at 12,075, a hair above its 2007 low. That's slightly less than a 6% decline from its all-time peak, not even in the official 10% correction range.

But it feels worse.

Investors are worried about whether the problems in the sub-prime mortgage market will spread to the credit markets as a whole. (They already have, and I'll have more to say about that in a future commentary). They're nervous about whether risk, which seemed to disappear around the globe, is about to return with a vengeance. And they're asking whether we're in a normal correction, or if the four-year-plus bull market is coming to a close.

There's no agreement among our gurus featured this week on MoneyShow.com, either. Jim Jubak of MSN Money (click here) actually wishes we'd experience a real correction to get some of the excesses out of the system. Jack Adamo thinks it may be worse than people expect (click here). Jim Lowell agrees (click here) with him, but thinks the market eventually can go higher.

Mark Leibovit, who returns to MoneyShow.com with today's commentary (click here), urges investors to be cautious, saying it's too early to determine whether a new bear market has begun. You can find his views, and market commentary from some of the best minds in the investing world, every day on our new Gurus' Views and Strategies page (click here).

Meanwhile, life goes on and people buy and sell stocks.

Bernie Schaeffer of Schaeffer's Investment Research uses a recent magazine article to make a contrarian case against stellar performer Hewlett-Packard (click here). ETF maven Carlton Delfeld also goes against the grain with two ETFs linked to Japan (click here). Michael Murphy finds two companies that are on the cutting edge of new video technologies (click here). And John Dessauer sticks to his guns in recommending a big mortgage lender whose shares have been hit hard by the recent blowups in the sub-prime market (click here).

As part of our effort to bring new voices to MoneyShow.com, George Putnam III of the highly regarded Turnaround Letter, makes a case that Big Pharma giant Pfizer is undervalued (click here).

You can find out about our advisors' favorite stock picks every day on our new Top Pros' Top Picks page (click here).

Just a reminder: You don't have to wait until Thursday to see what our advisors are saying about the markets or their favorite stocks. You can sign up here for our new daily E-mail alert, or bookmark MoneyShow.com for a daily visit.

Let's hope the market settles down a bit next week, but we'll be following it closely no matter what it does.

Howard R. Gold

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