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11/08/2002 12:00 am EST


"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one," said Malcolm Forbes, Sr. Educating investors has always been the mission of The Money Shows and we are very proud to have Forbes as a partner in that goal. Through Forbes magazine (which will celebrate its 85th anniversary on Dec. 5), the online Forbes.com site, and its financial newsletters, Forbes is a leader in investor education and advice. In this issue of the Digest, we look at the Forbes family of editors, which came together during The New York Money Show for a Roundtable Panel, to offer their market outlooks and top stock picks.

The recent New York Money Show began with an international media gathering at the Forbes Art Gallery, where set among the world famous collection of Fabergé eggs, leading financial representatives from 16 countries - ranging from Denmark to South Africa and from Canada to Hong Kong - joined together to announce plans for The World Money Show. The event, scheduled for 2004, will be co-hosted by Intershow and Forbes and will be the world's first truly global investor conference. Details of this multi-national event were unveiled by Intershow's president Kim Githler and Forbes' chief operating officer, Tim Forbes.

One fact stood out in my mind as I explored the art exhibits at the Forbes gallery. Like a well-planned investment portfolio, this eclectic art collection was clearly built with care and selection and developed over the long term by someone who loved what they collected. From the wooden board, which inspired Monopoly to large collections of toy soldiers and model ships, each and every piece in the gallery had not only significant historical value but obvious personal meaning to the collector. 

This same inspiration is evident in the Forbes family of newsletters, a group which has been built through a commitment to quality and value. Each newsletter focuses on a specific investment approach or sector and each editor is an expert in their respective field. They are all hard-hitting, deeply independent thinkers with a passion for their craft. The enthusiasm that resounds in their seminars and workshops emphatically show that they love what they do. 

Another common characteristic among the Forbes editors is their focus on long-term investing. From Vahan Janjigian's focus on growth to John Buckingham's commitment to value investing, these services are top choices for those building long-term portfolios. Andrew Seybold's knowledge of wireless and Josh Wolfe's focus on nanotechnology make these services essential for those investing in the long-term future of these industries. David Fried is the industry expert when it comes to stock buybacks and for income investors, there is no more knowledgeable advisor than Richard Lehmann. 

Each editor in the Forbes family has a different investment style and approach. But all understand the importance of long-term investing. No matter what changes occur in the financial markets, most investors will be best served by a focus on long-term portfolio planning. Patience and perseverance are watchwords of all successful investors. Indeed, time is your portfolio's best friend. Or as Malcolm Forbes once quipped, "Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs."

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