Trader Profile: Stuart McPhee

03/19/2009 12:01 am EST

Focus: FOREX

Tim Bourquin

Co-Founder, The Traders Expo and The Futures & Forex Expo

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In his former professional life, Stuart McPhee was a full-time officer in the Australian Army. Now a full-time trader (and speaker at the most recent Traders Expo in NYC), Stuart spends his time looking for trading opportunities and ways to improve his consistency in the markets. In this interview, we disucsss how he trades “contracts for difference,” which are securities popular outside the US, and his strategy of looking for two or three day trends that reverse themselves. Although he uses moving averages, he focuses mostly on finding higher highs and higher lows and swing trading reversals of overbought securities. Stuart is also the author of Trading in a Nutshell, now in its third edition.