All Investing Is Now Global

07/18/2008 12:00 am EST


Nancy Zambell

Editor, Wall Street's Best Investments and Wall Street's Best Dividend Stocks

As the world gets smaller and all investing becomes global, the Money Show itself has become a truly international venue, with annual World Money Shows in Orlando, London, and next year in Hong Kong. That has coincided with US investors’ realization that there are many opportunities in many different countries, not just at home.

The US is responsible for just one—third of the world’s market capitalization. And although many hot global markets like China, India, and Vietnam have fallen sharply this year, others like Brazil and Russia have remained strong.

So has the case for global investing, which allows investors to spread the risk in their portfolios among many markets. And with more markets opening up to foreign investors, it is easier to participate than ever before.

Global investing has its own unique set of challenges: different, sometimes not-so-transparent corporate accounting systems, as well as market, currency, and political and economic risks. And after years of outperforming US stocks by wide margins, several overseas markets may revert to the mean and lag our domestic market for a while.

That’s where we come in. Our global experts have very deep international investing experience and they can help you separate the could-have-beens from investments that have strong fundamentals and excellent potential.

That’s why as relaunches with an entirely new design, we thought the time was right to expand our global focus online. So, in addition to the regular coverage of global opportunities we already provide in Top Pros’ Top Picks, Gurus’ Views & Strategies and other offerings, we are starting an entirely new Global Investing section on our Web site.

Global Investing will aggregate in one place the videos, Webcasts, and other features of greatest interest to global investors. But we also will spotlight entirely new commentary from independent advisers and experts, many of whom are based in the actual countries they’re writing about. They will range from big picture analysis to specific investment recommendations, focusing primarily on stocks, funds, and ETFs.

We will be posting one new Global Investing article a day, Monday through Thursday, and will expand our offerings in coming months. Please come visit every day to view Global Investing and the many other daily features that will help make you a smarter, more successful investor.

We hope you will join us on our global journey. We want to bring you the information and tools that will help you maximize your investment knowledge and your portfolio’s returns. Please have your say by commenting on specific articles and videos, or e-mail us at with reactions and specific suggestions for our brand-new Global Investing section.

Nancy Zambell Global Editor

Nancy Zambell is global editor of The opinions expressed here are her own and are not necessarily the views of InterShow.

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