This Metal Is Simply Radiant

05/30/2013 6:15 am EST


Marin Katusa

Chairman, Katusa Research

Gold isn't the only bargain in the commodities space...this powerful substance is trading at a discount even to the yellow metal, says Marin Katusa of Casey Research.

Over the past month, gold has seen a considerable decrease in price, dropping almost 15% since the beginning of May. If this trend continues, gold will have its first losing year since 2000.

This has led many investors, from the housewives of China to the bankers on Wall Street, looking for a bargain in gold prices.However, what they don't realize is that there is already a bargain available—in uranium.

Despite being the source of 20% of electricity in the United States and 35% in the European Union, the price of uranium remains at multi-year lows.

Yes, gold has dropped a lot in the past month, but an ounce of gold can still buy almost 35 pounds of uranium at today's prices. That is much more than the historical average of 22 pounds. In fact, back in 2007, an ounce of gold would only net you about five pounds of uranium.

What does this mean? If you consider paper fiat money to be worthless and gold to be real money, then the fact that you can buy more uranium with gold means that uranium is cheap.

Right now, we are clearly in the territory of "uranium is cheap relative to gold." Since these types of ratios have a way of going back to their historical averages, this means that in a gold bull environment, uranium is set to increase even more.

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