Weakness in This Cannabis Social Network Creates Opportunity

09/25/2015 9:00 am EST


Michael Berger

President & Founder, Technical420.com

The market significantly undervalues this cannabis social network's underlying intellectual property, so Michael Berger, of Technical420.com, highlights the ways the company plans to begin monetizing its business platform through four different avenues.

Over the last week, the market has seen MassRoots, Inc. (MSRT) fall 17% and this weakness has created a great opportunity for investors. The market significantly undervalues MSRT's underlying intellectual property, which the company continues to enhance and develop through strategic partnerships.

When investing in cannabis stocks, investors need to be cautious. Many of these companies offer a product which can be easily replicated by another business. This is not the case for MSRT. The company not only has a first move advantage, but its technology is protected by patents and would be very difficult to replicate.

Taking the Lion’s Share in the Fastest Growing Market

In March 2015, MSRT launched its MassRoots for Business application which has continued to gain traction. As of June 30, more than 1,000 cannabis businesses were utilizing the application. MSRT is focused on increasing market share in Colorado, which from a revenue perspective is the fastest growing state. As of June 30, 46% of the dispensaries in Colorado were utilizing the MassRoots for Business application.

During the third quarter of 2015, MSRT plans to begin monetizing the MassRoots for Business platform through four different avenues.

  1. Premium Profiles: Businesses will be able to upgrade to premium business profiles and receive enhanced profile access ($49/month)
  2. Data Access: Businesses can receive geographic based analytics and area activity heat maps ($149/month)
  3. Market Insights: Learn about trending strains, products, and services so dispensaries will know about the products in high demand. The business will also receive area reach and exposure data ($349/month)
  4. Sponsored Posts: Businesses can utilize this feature to reach their target market ($20 each)

Revenues to Ramp Exponentially

In late August, MSRT started monetizing its digital properties and expects revenues to ramp up exponentially over the next several quarters. MSRT ran a marketing campaign for MyDx, Inc. (MYDX) and named the company's device as the official marijuana analyzer of the cannabis community. This campaign not only increased awareness for MYDX, but it also increased the number of companies utilizing MSRT's services.

Want to Learn More?

Investors that want to learn more about MSRT should tune in or attend the company’s presentation at the Cannabis Investing Symposium on October 30. CEO Isaac Dietrich will be presenting during the symposium and investors can learn more about MSRT by attending the event. Click here to register.

Michael Berger, Founder and President, Technical420.com

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