Why do Elite Investors like Peter Theil Continue to Invest in Cannabis?

08/30/2016 9:05 am EST


Michael Berger

President & Founder, Technical420.com

Michael Berger, Associate Editor of MoneyShow.com, a leading expert on the cannabis sector, highlights the cannabis investing event which took place at the MoneyShow San Francisco as well as investment opportunities and findings from the event.

Why are many world’s top investors calling the legal cannabis industry the next big thing?

When did Peter Theil’s Founder Fund make a multi-million-dollar investment into a private cannabis company?

These are just some of the questions that were answered at the Cannabis Investing Event last week and you can still access this information via The MoneyShow San Francisco Virtual Event.

Interest in the Sector Continues to Rapidly Increase

Thousands of investors converged on the Marriott Marquis in downtown San Francisco last week; eagerly waiting to hear from senior executives representing some of the best public and private cannabis companies.

If you were to compare this year’s Cannabis Investing Event to the same one last year, you can really see how much the cannabis industry has changed over the last twelve months.

The Cannabis Investing Event was sponsored by MassRoots (MSRT) and featured executives from companies such as Privateer Holdings, Aurora Cannabis (ACB: CSE) (ACBFF: OTC), Medical Marijuana (MJNA), The Gluu, Potbotics, and CannaKorp.

An Event Without Compromise

From exhibitors to attendees, the event more than doubled on a year-over-year basis. Not only did the size and scope increase significantly but it did so while the quality of content improved by leaps and bounds.

From cannabis cultivation to private equity to agricultural technology to mobile applications, the Cannabis Investing Event features something for everyone and you can still access presentations via The MoneyShow San Francisco Virtual Event for the next three weeks!

There is no cost to attend The MoneyShow San Francisco Virtual Event and you will receive a copy of the 2016 Cannabis Industry Report for FREE just for attending!

Overarching Themes to Monitor Within the Cannabis Industry

We spoke with a number of event attendees in an effort to gauge the audience and to find out which speakers stood out and why.

Overall, the attendees were impressed by the amount of actionable expert advice and information provided by speakers and sponsors. Specifically, the hot topics of the Cannabis Investing Event were:

  1. The Canadian medical cannabis market and Aurora Cannabis’ opportunity within it based on how management continues to execute
  2. Public and private investment opportunities in companies that are levered to the industry though an ancillary product and/or service
  3. Top investment opportunities for low, medium, and high-risk investors

Outlook is Bright

Invest interest in the cannabis sector continues to grow and the presidential election will further amplify its current growth trend.

We recommend taking a diversified approach to investing in the cannabis industry. Investors should target companies that operate in different sectors, trade on different exchanges, and those that possess a competitive advantage and are led by a proven management team. 

Stocks we would take a look at include: GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH), MassRoots (MSRT), and Aurora Cannabis (ACB: CSE) (ACBFF: OTC).