Sports, Tweets and a Mouse

08/31/2016 9:00 am EST


Ian Wyatt

Publisher & Chief Investment Strategist, Wyatt Investment Research

With summer winding down, I want to share a list of top candidates that I'm considering adding to my real-money portfolio, notes Ian Wyatt, editor of Million Dollar Portfolio. Here's his watch list trio:

Manchester United (MANU)

We've already made money in the sports business. Our portfolio holding Madison Square Garden (MSG) owns the New York Knicks and Rangers, and has been a solid performer.

Soccer may take a back seat in the US compared with football, basketball or baseball. But worldwide, it's the most popular sport.

Leading the soccer world is Manchester United which owns the most popular sports team in the world.

The company has a growing business and an amazing sports franchise. Manchester United is valued at around $2.7 billion.

The company will continue growing revenues as television broadcast contracts get re-negotiated. This company offers healthy growth, backed up by a solid asset.

Twitter (TWTR)

In the world of social media, Twitter is a huge platform. However, its early dominance has long been overshadowed by Facebook (FB).

The stock has been a poor performer ever since the IPO in late 2013. In the last year, shares are down 22%.

Why do I like Twitter? The company has a huge, engaged audience. After a sharp decline, the company is valued at just $13 billion.

With low expectations and a relatively small market cap, Twitter could rebound as an independent company -- or be an attractive acquisition target.

The Walt Disney (DIS)

Everyone loves Disney. The company is an iconic brand that entertains kids and adults around the world.

Disney came under pressure over fears of "cable cord-cutting" negatively affecting its business. After all, Disney owns the ever-popular ESPN sports network and has other exposure to the cable business.

Why do I like Disney? Because concerns about cable cord-cutting are overblown.

I don't know what cable TV or interview video will look like in five, 10 or 20 years. But I'm willing to guarantee that Disney is putting out amazing content that's loved by people around the world.

Disney trades at 16-times current year EPS. That means Disney is trading at a discount to the S&P 500, making it attractive at these levels.

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By Ian Wyatt, Editor of Million Dollar Portfolio

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