James Dines: "The Original Goldbug"


Gerardo Del Real Image Gerardo Del Real Editor, Resource Stock Digest Premium

Gerardo Del Real, a leading metals and mining expert, recently launched the Resource Stock Digest. In December, he had rare opportunity to interview the legendary James Dines.

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real for Resource Stock Digest. I have a real treat for you today. Joining me today is the legendary Mr. James Dines. Mr. Dines is the editor of The Dines Letter. He's also authored several books including Goldbug!Technical AnalysisSecrets of High States, and Mass Psychology.

Mr. Dines has a legendary record in the investment community. His contrarian approach to investment analysis has led Mr. Dines to accurately forecast trends for many decades, from the unexpected gold boom of 1974, to the internet revolution of 1996, Mr. Dines has consistently gone against the grain and delivered gains that have been passed down for generations.

Now Mr. Dines is "The Original Goldbug", of course he's the original "The Silver Bug", one of the original founders of technical analysis. He also predicted the internet boom, the uranium boom, the rare earth crisis, and as the original "Pot Bug" he recognized the profit potential at it's earliest stages.

Mr. Dines most recently called the bottom in gold and silver stocks. Mr. Dines, it's a real pleasure, thank you so much for your time today.