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12/06/2012 6:50 pm EST


Jim Jubak

Founder and Editor,

For 15 years the posts and picks and portfolios on have been free. But now I need your help to keep them free.

It costs about $70,000 to run this blog what with the cost of hosting the blog, keeping the software running, handling its Twitter and Facebook and YouTube feeds, and — of course — producing the content that goes up five days a week.

As much as I’d like to I can’t keep carrying that entire cost myself.

And so I need your help.

If just 10% of you who read this site donated $31.40, it would cover the costs of producing Jubak Picks for a year. If just 5% of you donated $62.80, it would cover the costs of the site for a year.

And to encourage you to donate, I’ll make you a deal. If this campaign can cover just half of the costs of Jubak Picks, I use the first $10,000 over that mark to improve the site—according to the votes of everybody who donated. Yep, donate and you can decide if you want to spend money on adding more video or more graphics or a weekend edition. A Jubak Picks weekend. Jubak Picks headgear. Whatever. All you have to do is get this site half way to the goal. (I know what I'd pick if I had a vote--a hosting service that wouldn't go down for a day.)

Come on. Let’s keep this site free of subscription walls and memberships and renewals.

If you’ve found this site useful over the years, if it has made you money, if it has taught you anything, if it has given you a laugh, well, now is the time to pitch in. You can donate with your credit card or PayPal by following this link.

No amount is too small. All donations are accepted with my thanks.

To donate follow this link:  Please note that I'm using the backend from my paid site Jubak Asset Management to accept donations. That lets me take advantage of the good security that site offers (although at the moment is generating an error message even though the donations are going through. The problem seems to be at their end but we're working to fix it.) That backend is currently accurately tracking the donations from  this campaign.
Jim Jubak
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