Last call for Keep Free donations

01/28/2013 9:00 pm EST


Jim Jubak

Founder and Editor,

Thanks to all the readers—we're now up to 450 so far—who have donated to the keep free campaign. Because of you the campaign is almost half way toward its goal.

But all good things must come to an end--including donation campaigns. I'm going to run this one for just another week or so and then say a final "Thank you.

That’s a not so subtle hint that you can still contribute. Remember the original pitch? “If just 10% of you who read this site donated $31.40, it would cover the costs of producing Jubak Picks for a year. If just 5% of you donated $62.80, it would cover the costs of the site for a year."

And to encourage you to donate, I offered you a deal. If this campaign can cover just half of the costs of Jubak Picks, I use the first $10,000 over that mark to improve the site—according to the votes of everybody who donated. Yep, donate and you can decide if you want to spend money on adding more video or more graphics or a weekend edition. A Jubak Picks weekend. Jubak Picks headgear. Whatever. All you have to do is get this site half way to the goal.

And we're almost there. I figure another 50 or so donations will push us into bonus territory. That will give everyone who donated a chance to tell me how they would like to improve using some of the money they donated.

To donate follow this link: or go to the ad at the top of this page.

But while we wait to hit that goal—and even if we never do--let me remind all those who have donated and who are going to be in Florida for the MoneyShow this week to take advantage of my "Coffee with Jim" offer. Check your thank you email to see how you can take me up on my offer.

Once again, thank you all for your donations. I hope to put them to good use on this site.
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