Jim's Watch List

12/29/2009 10:03 am EST


Jim Jubak

Founder and Editor, JubakPicks.com

So where do good stock ideas go while they wait to become stocks to buy?

My watch list.

I’ve put together a running list of stocks that I’ve cited in a post (or two or three) as shares that I’d like to own…when the price is lower or when the market is less risky or when some company event has passed. Personally, I use a watch list to keep track of stocks that I’m thinking about buying, and now I’m going to share that list with you. I’ve set it up so that you can easily see when I mentioned the stock—with a link that will take you right to the place in the post where I referred to it—what the price was on the date I mentioned it, and how much the price has changed, up or down, since my mention. When I buy a stock that was on the watch list, I’ll remove it. When a promising idea goes sour before I buy it, I’ll also take it off the list. On either of those occasions I’ll post either a “buy” or a “drop” on JubakPicks.com. A number of readers emailed me that they’d like a watch list like this. I hope you find it helpful. And please send along any other ideas you have for making JubakPicks.com more useful.
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