Announcing Jim's Watch List: Track the stocks I'm waiting to buy

01/27/2010 8:30 am EST


Jim Jubak

Founder and Editor,

You asked for it; we built it. (Well, actually super programmer Hugh Hunter did.)

It’s a way to keep track of stocks I mention but don’t buy. We’ve called it, naturally enough, "Jim’s Watch List: Stocks I’ve got my eye on.”

At the top of the blog, next to the tabs for my portfolios, you’ll find a link to my newly built Watch List. To start we’ve populated it with some of the stocks I’ve written about—but wasn’t quite ready to buy-- over the last six months. (Pretty useful, I think, if you’re trying to figure out when to buy during the current correction.)

For each entry you’ll find the price on the day I mentioned it, today’s price and the percentage change since I mentioned the stock.

And you’ll also find a “more” button that will take you not just to the post where I mentioned the stock but the place in the post where I mentioned it.

Hope you find this useful.
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