The Best of the Best from Las Vegas

05/21/2004 12:00 am EST


In this special two-part Highlights report-which runs both this week and next-we feature the very best of the best from The Las Vegas Money Show. Here's an overview of this report, which is designed to take the "gamble" out of your investment decisions.

I always find Las Vegas to be a thought-provoking backdrop for an investment show. Many approach the gambling tables with the knowledge that they are likely to lose; they are fully aware of the risks. In Las Vegas, you know it is glitz and hype, and you are aware that the odds are in the house's favor. And unfortunately, much of Wall Street is also glitz and hype, and in many cases, the odds are equally stacked against you.

But your investments are not something to risk on the throw of the dice or the spin of a wheel. There is much more at stake, and the role of our Money Show speakers is to remove the "gamble" from your investment decisions. Sure, they are happy to throw out a speculative idea here and there, but the primary goal of our speakers is to insure that you leave a Money Show armed with the knowledge, ideas, and strategies to be a long-term winner in the stock market. Their goal is to help you reduce your risks and to make you a more informed and better educated investor.

In this special report, we will feature 30 of the leading advisors who participated in The Las Vegas Money Show. We will share their strategies, their market outlooks, and some of their favorite trading and investment ideas. Between Money Shows, our weekly Digest will continue to give you a glimpse into the investment advice of these leading advisors. But the Money Show Digest is not meant to replace their ongoing role as your potential advisors. It is designed to help you get a "taste" of what the advisory community is saying at any given time. It provides an overview that helps you assess the current state of the market and the best available opportunities.

But most importantly, it is designed to help you find those advisors who best meet your own investment objectives and investment philosophy. We encourage you to use the Money Show Digest as a tool to learn about the ideas and market approaches taken by the very best in this business. We can offer a glimpse into what they said in a particular speech or workshop. But we urge you to read through these articles to find the advisors who best meet your own needs. For ongoing and consistent help in developing your investment plans, you should contact these advisors directly (detailed information is available at the end of each article), so that you can make their ongoing advice the foundation of your investment program.

We offer 15 articles in this issue, covering a broad range of investment specialties. Next week, we will feature the market outlook from Bernie Schaeffer, some speculative potential "doublers" from Tobin Smith, unbiased favorites from John Mugarian, and the top tech plays from Michael Murphy. We also include the best fund opportunities from Standard & Poor's investment team. Jessica Chiaverini will discuss the four pillars of investing, and Ian Wyatt explains his 20-20 small-cap growth strategy. Ken Kam will explain the ideas behind his Masters 100 Fund, and Price Headley offers a psychological analysis of overcoming fears in your trading strategy. Martin Weiss offers a warning to investors and Gary Alexander explains why he is a "reformed bear." Elliott Gue will outline the best opportunities for the coming decade, and John McCamant discusses the most exciting biotech opportunities in cancer research.

Finally, we note that these Highlights issues are particularly long. But the breadth and scope of information presented at The Las Vegas Money Show was so wide that I felt it warranted expanding the size of these issues of the Money Show Digest. These issues truly represent the very best of independent investment advice. So please, take your time and read them at your leisure. They will open your eyes to new opportunities, provide you with the best bullish and bearish arguments, help you to better define your own investment goals, and hopefully, help you find an advisor or two who can become a cornerstone for your future investment success.

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