Hager: A Play on Nanomaterials

01/23/2004 12:00 am EST


Fred Hager

President, Fredhager.com

"Many of the stocks in the nanotechnology space have recently traded higher on increasing volume," says Fred Hager. "Indeed, the nanotechnology portfolio run by our Currin Research division rose over 25% in just the first few weeks of 2004." Here’s a profile of one of those companies, Nanophase Technologies.

"Nanophase Technologies (NANX NASDAQ), a sub-$100 million market-cap stock, is a pure nanotech material company.  The company recently announced a new patent, aimed at protecting its plasma nanoparticle processes to prepare nanocrystalline materials with highly controlled surface chemistry. The importance of its work in this area is that by a patented process, they have achieved the ability to ship stable nanoparticles that are in a liquid solution. Stable dispersions are very important because using dry nanoparticles in industry is a health issue. Nanophase for example, routinely performs lung tests on production employees involved with the dry nanoparticles. Creating stable nanoparticle dispersions has been a challenging industry hurdle. 

"Nanophase also announced the commercial availability of the nanomaterial, tin oxide, which is targeted for electronic applications and transparent conductive coatings. Overall, with a recovering economy, expect the increase in product development initiatives to accelerate what has been up to now a somewhat slow pace of adoption of nanomaterials into commercial products. Their business opportunities are beginning to take shape and they are active in seeking immediate commercialization opportunities to fuel the top line. We believe this is one of the early stage nanomaterial leaders that will thrive long after the euphoria in nano subsides."

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