Battipaglia Turns Cautious on Stocks


Joe Battipaglia Image Joe Battipaglia Market Strategist-Private Client Group, Stifel Nicolaus

Investment guru Joe Battipaglia sees signs the good times of the last few years may be drawing to a close, and it might get a lot tougher for investors to post big gains in stocks...

Joe Battipaglia's 2007 Predictions:

2007 High 2007 Low 2007 Close
Dow Jones Industrial Average 13,500 11,300 12,900
Standard & Poor's 500 1,540 1,280 1,470


Favorite Stocks for 2007:
Microsoft (MSFT)
Imclone (IMCL)

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From the "Winners and Losers in 2007" workshop at The World Money Show Orlando 2007:

The next five years will be much more difficult than the previous five years, because of the general framework in which we as investors have to operate.

When you look at their market value, stocks have performed very well in this particular stimulative environment.

[But] I would argue that what with home prices coming down [we are seeing] a growing defensiveness by the consumer.