Dear Money Show Digest Readers

03/21/2003 12:00 am EST


Steven Halpern


For the past several months we have discussed the potential for war as well as possible investment opportunities and specific stocks that would be impacted by these developments. We have covered numerous historical studies regarding war and financial  markets.  In addition our recent special report from the Florida Money Show highlighted the fact that uncertainty surrounding the war was keeping investors and professionals on the sidelines and the case was made that the pent up demand for stocks could cause a sharp rally once uncertainty was taken out of the equation. Such has been the case in the past few days as the market has rallied some 800 points since the commencement of the war in Iraq.  There will be many opportunities in future issues for our advisors to share ideas for stocks that will benefit from the rebuilding of Iraq and from other world developments that come as a result for what hopefully will be a quick end to hostilities. There will also be plenty of time for advisors to continue to give you their very best advice on portfolio development, investment education and stock selection.


This week with the outbreak of war we temporarily shift our focus away from investing and working on our normal weekly Digest to an issue that we believe is much more important. For many years before developing the Money Sow Digest with Intershow I was also a speaker at their conferences. I used to end each speech by reminding the audience that while important, investing was basically just numbers. We try to make those numbers as good as we can, but in the long run the lifelong pursuit of that extra dollar is not as important as such truly valuable things such as love, service and family. 


We will not be publishing our regular issue this week. We prefer to take this time to step back for a moment, put the investment world in proper perspective and pray for the brave American men and women on the front lines in the Middle East defending those of us at home.


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