The Future of Wireless

04/15/2005 12:00 am EST


Nikhil Hutheesing always offers a fascinating insider’s glimpse into the wireless world. Here he highlights a recent discussion with Dr. Paul Jacobs from Qualcomm about the company's future goals and its developing wireless technologies.

"Dr. Jacobs has no shortage of vision for Qualcomm (QCOM NASDAQ). The son of the company’s founder, he is constantly on the hunt for new technologies that stand to improve cell phones and increase the demand for Qualcomm's CDMA-based chipsets. Qualcomm's strategy isn't to develop such technologies itself, but rather to enable other firms that are developing these technologies.

"One example is privately held Iridigm Display. Its display technology takes a completely different approach to creating displays. If the technology is a success, Jacobs hopes it will replace current cell phone screens with more sophisticated screens that make it easier to see pictures and text without consuming as much battery and chip power.

"Another private company in which he sees big opportunities is WaveMarket, which is developing mobile blogging technology. Jacobs sees the not-too-distant day when mobile blogging will be commonplace. A simple example of this might work: You go into a restaurant and you really love the calves' liver. You know a colleague at work who also loves calves liver, but you may not remember to tell her about it.

"So you pull out your cell phone and leave a voice or text note behind that can only be accessed by her in the restaurant. Then, should your coworker wander into the restaurant one day, the system will automatically detect that she is there, and your message will come through on her cell phone. Sort of like leaving a note just hanging there perpetually in cyberspace. Very cool stuff and potentially, very useful as well.

"Overall, with Qualcomm’s BREW operating system rapidly gathering steam, the continued strong opportunities for the company’s CDMA technology and the MediaFLO broadcast to cell phone television system in the works, I think Qualcomm could be in for some very exciting days ahead. At current levels, this stock is a buy. I currently have a price target of $50."

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